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All You Need to Know About Injectable Manufacturer in India


The term “injectable” refers to the pharmaceutical preparation that is injected inside the body with the help of a needle syringe. The injectable drugs are also called “Parenteral Drugs” because these are never taken orally; instead, they are directly injected into the body. Even though these kinds of pharmaceutical drugs are pretty tricky to administer, they are absorbed by the body very quickly compared to orally taken medicines. The injected pharmaceutical drugs are always sterile. Thus, the injectable manufacturer in India takes enormous care to reduce the risk of the first-pass effect of sterile injectable drugs.

Types of injections used for injecting sterile injectable drugs

As the term “injectable” suggests the act of injecting the medicine inside the body, there are mainly eight types of injections used for injecting therapeutic drugs-

  • Subcutaneous Injection – As the name suggests, it involves subcutaneous tissues. It is administered in the fat tissues between the skin and the muscle. Therefore, they need a short and thin needle. The insulin and live vaccines are injected into the body through subcutaneous injection.
  • Intramuscular Injection – As the name suggests, these injections are administered into the depth of the muscles so that the blood can easily absorb the medicine.
  • Intravenous Injection – It is also known as an IV injection and is directly administered inside the veins to deliver the medicine directly into the bloodstream.
  • Intraperitoneal Injection – The term “peritoneum” refers to the body cavity. Intraperitoneal injection involves injecting chemotherapeutic drugs into the body cavity of the patient.
  • Intracardiac Injections – As the name suggests, it refers to injecting the drug directly into the heart. It is used in emergency conditions.
  • Intraarticular Injections – It is also popularly known as “Joint Injection” because it involves the administration of the drug into a joint. It is used to treat the inflammation of joints and various disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

Injectable manufacturer in India

High Demand for Injections in Pharmaceutical Industry

PCD pharma franchise for injectable has presented the reasons for the high demand for injections and injectable drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. The reasons are-

  • Worth the money: The patient gets satisfied when their physicians include the injections in the list of medicines because everyone knows the high efficacy of injectable drugs compared to the orally taken drugs.
  • Reasonable control over the disease: The treatments that include injectable drugs have the most excellent control over the disease because it has a significantly low risk of first pass test and can be directly absorbed by the bloodstream without any need to pass through the gut.
  • Recommended by Qualified Doctors: This is the most crucial feature of injectables. They are recommended by a reputed healthcare system and by well-qualified doctors.
  • Can be used to inject food: Other than medicines, the injections can also be used to inject food, saline, glucose, and nutrition into the body for the quick recovery of the patients.
  • Reliability: The drugs administered through injections are highly influential inside the body because they reach their targets quickly and start producing the desired effects in the body.


In today’s era, everybody knows the importance of injectables and injectable drugs, and pharmaceutical companies are keenly focused on this purpose. One such pharmaceutical company is “Scotmed Care,” which produces injectables of good quality with thorough research and analysis.

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